Given the overlap between recent SURAgrid activities and those of the XSEDE Service Provider Forum, the SURAgrid Governance Council has unanimously voted to dissolve SURAgrid. It is strongly recommended that those SURAgrid members that offer research computing services investigate and join the XSEDE Federation as Level 3 providers, and participate in the Service Provider Forum. Further, SURA members in general are encouraged to participate in the XSEDE Campus Champion program.

A significant number of SURA and SURAgrid members are currently involved in XSEDE. 28 SURA institutions have XSEDE Campus Champions, 14 of those are from SURAgrid members. There are 6 SURAgrid members represented on the Service Provider Forum: 2 at Level 1, 1 at Level 2, and 3 at Level 3. These members reflect those who have most recently been active within SURAgrid, so a transition from SURAgrid to the XSEDE Service Providers Forum makes good sense.

Membership in the XSEDE Federation as a Level 3 provider entails only the willingness to list services that the member operates. Level 3 members are not expected to make them available to outsiders. Service Provider Forum membership does, however, provide a mechanism for sharing information on best practices, current trends, and available training. If there is sufficient interest, a subgroup representing SURAgrid members could be formed within the XSEDE Service Providers Forum.

For more information about the XSEDE Service Provider Forum, please visit:

For information on joining the XSEDE Federation, please retrieve the instructions from:

As always, if there are any questions, please feel free to contact me.

On behalf of the SURAgrid Governance Committee, it's been our pleasure to serve.




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